Chain Link Fence

Pros and Cons of Chain-Link Fence

Chain-link fences have been around for decades, and they can provide an effective barrier for your yard or property. This fencing material is not ideal for every situation though, so it’s best to consider all your options. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of having a chain-link fence.

Below are Pros & Cons

Pro of Chain-link Fence– Affordability

This is one of the biggest draws for chain-like fencing: its price. Sections of chain-link fencing are much cheaper than wood or vinyl fencing. If you have to cover a large area, the cost savings will add up over time. Just make sure to keep the cons on this list in mind to make sure the initial savings is worth the long-term downsides to chain-link fences.

Con of Chain-link Fence– Minimal Property Value

Having a fenced yard is better than having no fence at all, but a chain-link fence isn’t going to do much for your property value. If you’re looking to resell your home in the next few years, you will attract more buyers at a higher price point by opting for vinyl or wood fencing. People know that chain-link fences are inexpensive, and they may assume that other features in your home are “budget friendly,” in a negative way. Unfortunately, this may take away from the hard work and money you’ve put into other renovations.

Pro of Chain-link Fence – Effective Containment

If you need to put up a fence just to keep something in, chain-link can effectively do that. You have to keep in mind what you are trying to contain before you can make that decision. For instance, if you have large dogs, they may be able to jump over the fencing. Children can clearly see a property line outlined by a chain link fence, so they know not to go any further than that. However, they may be able to jump the fence when they get older, which could be a security concern. For basic containment needs, chain link fencing is plenty sufficient.

Con of Chain-link Fence – No Privacy

Chain-link fences are not considered privacy fences because they do not offer the solid wall of protection that wood fencing or vinyl fencing would have. The same can be said about white picket fences. They look great, but they are not designed for privacy. You can add decorative slats to chain link fencing to cover some of the holes in the material, but you can still partly see through those. If you need a fence specifically for privacy, you will be much better off with a different option.

Pro of Chain-link Fence – Low Maintenance

Chain-link fencing requires little to no maintenance. Older fences that have been exposed to prolonged precipitation may rust eventually, but even that takes years to occur. Today’s chain-link fence installers, like All Around Fence, use protective coating on the outside of the chains. You can choose whatever color you want and protect the metal from rust and deterioration in the future.

Con of Chain-Link Fence – Lack of Security

We’ve hinted at this in the cons above. Chain-link fencing is not ideal for security. Most residential chain-link fences are 4-5 feet tall, and the chains themselves make the fence fairly easy to climb on. Yes, you can get a taller fence and you could put barbed wire on the top. This is mainly used in industrial settings, like prisons and manufacturing plants. If you want a secure, durable fence for your home that will last for decades, there are plenty of options to choose from.

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